Wrongra. Wrong-ra! Pronunciation: rong-ruh. I don’t know how to make diacritical marks in html, do you? Pronounced like the word ‘wrong’ with a ‘ruh’ on the end.

Have you heard this expression? It means “wrongest, most wrong,” or “wronger than wrong” or perhaps if we’re feeling silly, “Lord of the wrong,” “King among wrongs.” It is used to describe a person, place, thing, phenomenon, or situation that is supremely lacking in Right-ness, such that we fear permanent damage to the balance of the universe.

I’m writing something today and I came to a place in my narrative where this term would not have gone amiss. In fact, it would have been perfect, and I can’t think of anything better. “Really wrong” seems woefully inadequate by comparison. But I wonder if over a dozen people use the term.

Maybe I’ll put it in anyway.

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